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About Us

ATOM Financial Products, LLC (ATOM FP) was started by Scott Kinnison in January of 2006. The focus of the company is to sell & support the very best in ATM & ITM solutions, along with numerous state-of-the-art banking equipment offerings....Click below to read more

Why pick ATOM?

First and foremost, experience matters, and Scott has been servicing in Ohio & Indiana over 150 community based financial institutions for 35+ years. Second, ATOM FP has strong relationships with numerous vendors such as QSI & NCR and we can save you time by contacting us and letting us do your leg work and research... basically ATOM FP is a one stop shop for technology needs.
Third, but not least, at ATOM FP we realize our solutions can involve lots of pieces and parts and sometimes things won’t go perfect, but when there is an issue or problem, we will take care of you. Problems occur, the key is do you take care of those problems, or do you leave the person hung out to dry? We work very hard, so things go as smooth as possible, but if are any problems, we solve them quickly. Treating people the way you’d like to be treated in a similar situation is how we do business every day. 

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